Clam Chowders of the Northeast

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The northeast has four main kinds of clam chowder. Manhattan is tomato-red and full of vegetables, rarely served northeast of New York City. South Coast, a specialty of Connecticut and Rhode Island, has neither tomatoes nor cream, but is clear and brothy with salt-pork savor and potatoes. Rhode Island (a rarity these days) is light pink with both cream and tomatoes, and always served with clam cakes alongside. New England, on menus throughout the region, is thick and creamy.


Oyster Bar

An ornate underground catacombs that is part of Grand Central Station, the Oyster Bar prints a daily menu of the best seafood from around the world.


Pearl Oyster Bar

Pearl Oyster Bar is a tiny New York restaurant known for simple classics of the Maine coast, especially smoky clam chowder and a lavishly buttered lobster roll.


Flanders Fish Market & Restaurant

Whatever seafood you crave on the Connecticut shoreline, Flanders has it. Fried seafood is masterful, as is chowder. Whole belly clams are among the best.


Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough

Abbott’s is a Connecticut shoreline lobster picnic featuring bracing clam chowder, steamers and mussels, and gorgeous steamed lobsters whatever size you like.



A New Bedford area waterside restaurant serving expertly-prepared local seafood at fair prices. Don't miss Elisabeth's chowder and the maple-glazed scallops.


Maine Diner

The Maine Diner is one of America's best, featuring exemplary Downeast dishes such as lobster pie and seafood chowder, also classic blue-plate specials.


Mabel’s Lobster Claw

In Kennebunkport, Mabel's is a long-standing tradition for lobster shore dinner including creamy chowder and concluding with peanut butter ice cream pie.


Fishermen’s Grill

Off the tourist trail in Portland, Maine, the tiny Fisherman's Grill serves up classic homemade clam chowder and fried seafood.


Sea Basket

Lobster stew is a Sea Basket best-of-Maine dish. Clam chowder is also excellent, as are baskets of fried shrimp, clams, and haddock at this happy roadside café.