Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes

5 STOPS | 218 MILES | 4 hr 15 min

Crab cakes are a staple of seafood restaurants everywhere. But the great ones are in proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. Many places here offer them deep-fried, and there is something inarguably pleasurable about the fried ones’ dark red, hard exterior breaking and giving way as your teeth crunch through to its moist insides. The plushest ones are not fried. They are broiled enough for the meat to warm and for the surface to develop a gossamer gold crust. They are made of jumbo lumps, the formal name for the choicest meat picked from the hind leg area of the blue crab. These large pieces possess the silky weight that makes Maryland’s beautiful swimmers the stuff of culinary legend. Here is a short trip from the Lexington Market to the south, highlighting a handful of the mustn’t-miss crab cake sources.


Faidley Seafood

Crab cakes at Faidley's in Baltimore's Lexington Market are huge softballs of the sweetest meat grilled to perfection. Maryland's best!

Must Eats
Crab Cake , Crab Soup


A lovely restaurant overlooking the water, The Narrows offers a wide Maryland Chesapeake Bay menu, its main attractions crab soup, crab cakes and fried oysters.


Suicide Bridge Restaurant

A charming waterside restaurant, Suicide Bridge offers a menu of Maryland Eastern Shore seafood, including some of the region's best jumbo lump crab cakes.


Metompkin Seafood

Metompkin is a happy, colorful shack by the side of the highway serving exemplary Chesapeake Bay (and ocean) seafood with casual panache at low prices.


Sting Ray’s

Located in a gas station, Sting Ray's is known as Chez Exxon because of the quality of Chesapeake Bay seafood & sweet potato ham biscuits the restaurant serves.