Tribal Cafe

Review by: Michael Stern

Cafe on a Mission

Tribal Cafe has a purpose beyond profit. In its own words, it wants to offer “healthy food for the masses.” It bills its fare as light and nutritious.

Drink Yourself Healthy

First, consider what the menu refers to as “healing beverages.” Among them, you can drink juice cleansers and green smoothies. Some of these can be as rich as a chocolate milk shake, such as the superfood smoothie made of peanut butter, dates, dark cacao, flax seeds, bananas, and milk. Those who want to ward off signs of aging can drink Glow Skin Tonic made of pineapple, cucumber, apple, celery, parsley and spinach. Got cancer? Fie on chemotherapy and expensive operations. Instead, drink a combo of cabbage, kale, parsley, beets, carrots, pineapple, cucumber, and turmeric known as the Cabbage Cancer Burner.

Honestly, I am happy coming to Tribal Cafe and drinking ginger lemonade, cold brew coffee, or Thai ice tea.

How, Oh How, to Choose?

When it comes to food, the menu of good-for-you fare is dizzying. How does one choose from among many dozens of Buddah Bowls, protein-packed sandwiches, creative salads, and vegetable soups? Breakfast choices range from bacon-egg-cheese sandwiches or a bowl of oatmeal to vegan morning tempeh tacos.

At breakfast, lunch, or dinner, “tribal power bowls” supply what the menu calls healthy California comfort food. The kitchen offers them with actual meat (chicken, roast beef, or Polish sausage) or with tofu, tempeh or pseudo-chicken. Beyond the protein, these bowls contain countless vegetables, rice, etc. Many boast distinct ethnic flavors: the Bombay Quinoa Curry Bowl, the Filipino Adobo Garlic Rice Bowl, the Hawaiian Poke Rice Bowl.

Acai Bowls Rule

Among all the many choices of healthy food for the masses, superfood acai bowls stand out. The menu reminds us that acai berries are loaded with omega acids, anti-oxidants, and minerals that “fight free radicals, improve heart health, lower cholesterol, and boost energy.” One named “In the Mood for Love” includes bananas, dates, berries, and dark cacao plus a granola and coconut topping. You can boost it even more by adding bee pollen, chia seeds, spirulina, or hemp seeds.

Beyond serving drink and food, Tribal Cafe is a venue for indie/progressive music and open-mic nights. It’s been a beacon of nutritional virtue since 1995.

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