Cielito Lindo

Review by: Marlene Steinberg

Cielito Lindo is my first memory of eating out with my parents. That must have been in 1954 when I was just two years old. It was always a stop when we visited my grandparents’ store, which was not far from there, and I haven’t stopped eating at Cielito Lindo.

Cielito Lindo has been an anchor restaurant on Olvera Street (the first street in Downtown Los Angeles) since 1934, when they invented taquitos. It’s always been about taquitos but they have added a few more items to their menu. Soyrizo? Guess they’re trying to have something for everyone. Taquitos are so simple to make. They’re a corn tortilla wrapper around shredded beef, fried and served with an avocado sauce. You can find them elsewhere but none match the taste of those from Cielito Lindo.

It’s all in the way they’re made, right in front of you. They start them in one pan at a low heat and finish them in a second pan at a higher heat. Simple. What makes them spectacular is the sauce. It’s called an avocado sauce but I bet it has a lot of tomatillo and maybe a hint of cilantro in it. I could drink it!

If you’re in Los Angeles, Cielito Lindo is a must-stop. It’s an institution!

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