Tim’s Pizza

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Thin and crispy crust pizza

The crust of a Tim’s Pizza has the oomph of a hand-tossed crust and the crunch of a thin crust. The crust stays crisp and sturdy down to the last bite.

Tim’s Pizza opened in 1987 when the Happy Joe’s Pizza that Tim was managing went out of business. He took that which made Happy Joe’s special in Kansas City and did it better.

What should I eat at Tim’s Pizza?

What makes Tim’s pizza unique is the crust and the sauce. While it has the thickness of a hand-tossed crust, it also has the consistency and crunch of a thin crust. Once placed on a piece of parchment paper, the entire piece of dough is slathered, using a large pastry brush, with a slightly sweet tomato sauce the consistency of a paste. This is then topped with whole milk mozzarella, and freshly sliced vegetables and high quality meats. It is then baked in an old fashioned deck oven for that genuine pizzeria taste. The pizza is piled high with toppings, but you don’t have to worry about the toppings falling off because the crust remains crisp throughout the meal. It is that rare pizza where the crust has the same texture and consistency at the end of the meal that it had at the beginning.

Tim’s is a family pizzeria that will take a check but won’t take a credit card. They serve beer but no hard alcohol. *Original post by CNW*

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