Willa Jean

Review by: Emily Madsen

Celebrated chef Kelly Fields named her newly opened restaurant in honor of her grandmother. With pastries that make you drool right as you step in the door and an interior that has southern charm with a modern twist, it is appealing in every way. When we visited on a Saturday morning, the wait for a seat was so long that we weren’t able to dine in. But that did not deter us from tasting. Many sandwiches, pastries, and other goodies can be a quick grab-and-go proposition.

Croque monsieur, a croissant with ham and cheese tucked inside and then covered with another slice of cheese, is gooey and delicious. All of the baked goods are made from Kelly’s own recipes and past pastry experience; the croissant and other perfectly browned goodies are to die for. The ham and cheese sandwich is also a favorite because of the crisp yet fluffy baguette it is served on. A nice portion too: none of those wimpy baguette sandwiches other places are serving.

There also are baked goods with a twist. One in particular is the breakfast pretzel. It is rolled with bacon bits and covered in scrambled egg and cheesy goodness. This is a breakfast you certainly can’t find anywhere else, at least not with the same amazing combination of texture and flavor.

No pastry or sandwich is complete without a drink, and on that score, Willa Jean shines. With many hand pressed juices and classic coffee and espresso, there is something for everyone. Kale juice is green and earthy just as anyone would expect. No sweeteners or protein boosting additions are made, making it a pure sip for sure. Coffee is delectable with the nutty flavor most look for in their espresso. With many milk offerings as well, it is possible for even the most lactose intolerant to indulge in coffee however they like it.

Although we wished we had time to sit down to a meal, we nevertheless wholeheartedly recommend visiting Willa Jean, even if it is only to grab a quick something to go. The welcoming southern atmosphere is contagious and leaves you wanting to go back. Kelly’s food is not something to pass by when you visit New Orleans.

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Breakfast Pretzel Bun

Croque Monsieur

Kale Juice


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