Chicken Dinner
Worth driving from anywhere!

Does Stroud’s make the most delicious fried chicken in America?

It is fried in a heavy iron skillet and arrives at the table a shade of gold that is breathtakingly beautiful. Each piece is audibly crusty but not the least bit bready; there is just enough of an envelope of crust to shore in all the chicken juices. The crust itself is thin, brittle, and flavor-packed with essence of chicken and spice. Once you crunch through it, juices flow down your chin and fingers and forearm: you are an unsightly mess, but you don’t care because the juices are ambrosia.

Mashed potatoes are fluffy-textured, with an intense flavor of pure potato. As you fork up big mouthfuls of these spuds you learn new respect for real mashed potatoes and new intolerance for bogus ones. The only way these lovelies can be improved is if you ladle some of Stroud’s gravy on them. It is zesty, pan-dripping gravy, redolent of chicken and powerfully peppered.

At the risk of sounding hysterical, we must tell you that the cinnamon rolls that accompany this meal are fantastic, too. Tasting more of yeast and cinnamon than sugar, they are big, swirly things with only the faintest hint of caramelized cinnamon butter around the base.

Expect to wait when you come to Stroud’s: first for a table, then for the chicken, which is pan-fried to order.

Note: There now are two other Stroud’s in Kansas, at 4200 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway (913-262-8500); and 8301 W. 135th St. in Overland Park (913-499-0135)

What to Eat
Stroud’s, Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken
Fried chicken dinner for two: two legs, two thighs, two wings, and two breasts.
Stroud’s, Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup
Those are thick homemade noodles in the chicken soup, which is super-chicken flavored.
Stroud’s, Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
The right bread basket with fried chicken dinner: warm-from-the-pan cinnamon rolls.
Stroud’s, Green Beans
Green Beans
If you come looking for al dente beans, you are in the wrong place. These long-cooked legumes are soft and porky and addictive in their own right.
Stroud’s, Cottage Fried Potatoes
Cottage Fried Potatoes
Cottage fried potatoes are like thick potato chips: not as dazzling as the four-star mashed potatoes, but a nice change of pace.
Stroud’s, Cream Gravy
Cream Gravy
The essential topping for the essential starch: peppery cream gravy.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday11am - 9pm
Monday4pm - 9pm
Tuesday4pm - 9pm
Wednesday4pm - 9pm
Thursday4pm - 9pm
Friday11am - 9pm
Saturday2pm - 9pm
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Even before Calvin Trillin declared Arthur Bryant's to be "possibly the single best restaurant in the world" in a 1974 Playboy magazine article, Kansas City was famous for barbecue. It still is, rightfully so, but in addition to its superb smoke-cooked meats, the Paris of the Plains is home to what may be the single…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
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Outdoor Seating

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