Santa Fe Tortilla Company

Review by: Michael Stern

For several years now, the Santa Fe Tortilla Company has been an alluring roadside attraction on the highway north of Santa Fe. It is a big enterprise that produces some ten thousand packages of tortillas per day, distributed throughout the Southwest. They make flour and wheat tortillas in the normal eight-inch size and mini five-inch size as well as supersize tortillas that are a foot across.

The fun part about buying tortillas here is that if you look in back, you will see the wheaty circles coming out of the machine at lightning speed as a cluster of women at the end gather and stack them for packing. It’s a hypnotic sight. However, it will soon change. As of early 2003, plans are in the works to move the Santa Fe Tortilla Company to a new facility in South Santa Fe. We were told that visitors to the new place would be able to see the same tasks performed (and will soon be able to order tortillas via the company’s web site. The new factory will be state-of-the-art and capable of producing four times as many tortillas as now come off the line.

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