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Iconic Mexican Food in Santa Fe

Maria’s is a Santa Fe institution which has been serving classic northern New Mexican fare since 1950. The restaurant is located in a rambling adobe structure which is adorned with colorful paintings throughout. In several of the older rooms there are wood-burning kiva fireplaces which provide cozy dining spots. You need to arrive early or have a specific reservation to secure one of those for your dining pleasure.

The waitstaff is pleasant and knowledgeable. If you are unfamiliar with New Mexican food, they will explain the various entrees and appetizers and give you as much time as you need to make a decision. This is no small thing in such a bustling restaurant.

What should I eat at Maria’s in Santa Fe?

At this lunch meal, we ordered the Chile rellenos, the combination plate, and tostados de pollo compuestas. Chili rellenos are two roasted New Mexican green chilies, stuffed with cheese, dipped in batter and deep-fried. You can choose either red or green chili sauce. (If you can’t make up your mind, you can order them “Christmas,” with some of each.)

Tostados de pollo compuestas consists of a corn tortilla topped with chicken, cheese and guacamole. This is served with a side dish of Pico de Gallo, a relish made of finely chopped onions, jalapeno peppers and cucumbers. The combination plate is the choice of those who can’t make up their minds or those who want a taste of everything. This sampler includes a cheese enchilada, a taco, a tamale and a Chile relleno. Again, you may choose red or green chili to top it all off.

We ate our entrees along with excellent guacamole and chips with great gusto. We toasted our health with the house special margaritas and I think we all felt better as we drank them.

Don’t forget the Margarita

Locals have voted Maria’s as serving the best margarita in Santa Fe twelve years in a row. I have no quarrel with this voice of the people. Maria’s literally wrote the book on margaritas and you can get a copy of The Great Margarita Book from then if you so desire. They also have tasting flights of tequila. This is a great way to get a sense of the differences in tequilas. You should, however, have a designated driver before you proceed to educate your palate.

How do I get to Maria’s in Santa Fe?

Maria’s is easily accessible from I-25 taking the St. Francis Drive exit. You can’t find a better spot in Santa Fe for New Mexican food.

What To Eat

Salsa and Chips

Guacamole and Chips

Maria’s Special House Margarita

Chile Rellenos

Tostados de Pollo Compuestas

Combination Plate


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