Randy’s Bar-B-Q | In Georgia, Savannah BBQ Ribs at their Best

Review by: Michael Stern

A Delicious Ordeal

Nothing is convenient about Randy’s Bar-B-Q. Hours are extremely limited (11am-3pm) and sometimes the ribs run out before closing. (When that happens, sometimes the Randy’s servers will offer hot dogs — sorry compensation for lost ribs.) Service is slow; you will wait in line, sometimes up to an hour. As for amenities, forget about it. There are no tables, no chairs, no plates. People eat with their hands, many off the tailgate, hood, or dashboard of their vehicle. Many people come here just to take the meat home and build a meal around it. Inconveniences aside, if you are searching for Savannah BBQ ribs at their best, Randy’s belongs at the top of your eating itinerary.

Many connoisseurs of smoke-cooked meat believe that Randy serves not merely the best ribs south of the Savannah River, but the best anywhere. To describe them, I will borrow the words at the bottom of Randy’s menu: “Hot. Juicy. Tasty. Tender. Falls off the Bone.”

To Sauce or Not to Sauce

Everyone should have sauce. Red sauce might be nice, but Randy’s mustardy paste is especially right for smoke-cooked pork. Still, I strongly advise you take your first few bites with no adornment at all. For many who adore them, Randy’s ribs are perfect as-is. The sauce — good though it may be — is only a distraction.

Savannah BBQ ribs aren’t the only thing to eat. There is chicken, too — smoky and amazingly moist. It wants that good mustard sauce, for sure. But it’s ribs I’ll be back for; they’re available in portions that are small, medium, and large or by the whole slab.

Meat and Nothing But the Meat

As for side dishes, forget about them. There are none. No slaw, no French fries, no rolls. Oh, yes, you do get sliced white bread with the meat. It’s a welcome presence for sopping up any extra sauce. If you do need sides with your ribs or chicken, bring your own.

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