Po Pigs Bo-B-Q

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Most of the best South Carolina barbecue parlors are open only on weekends; Po Pigs Bo-B-Q, named after its proprietor Robert BoBo Lee, extends those hours to add Thursdays in the winter and Wednesdays in the summer. The food and service are pure Palmetto State.

Serve yourself at a buffet line that is built around smoke-cooked pork: dark meat, light meat, pork cracklin’s in the form of skin, hash made from pork parts to ladle over white rice, and liver hash, made from an even more visceral assortment of pork parts. In addition to pig, the line includes pieces of grilled and fried chicken and a Creole-flavored red chicken stew. The array of vegetables is nearly endless: turnip greens, green beans, field peas, macaroni & cheese, squash casserole, white rice, red rice, lima beans and ham, baked beans, stewed cabbage, and onion-dotted hushpuppies. The beverage choice is limited to coffee or tea, the latter available either sweet or unsweet.

Once you pile your plate, find a seat at a table in the farmhouse-decorated dining room. There are booths for four and a row of larger communal tables well suited to big families or groups of the many workmen who like to eat here because it is cheap, plentiful, and traditional.

What to Eat
Po Pigs Bo-B-Q, Barbecue Buffet
Barbecue Buffet
A well balanced plate with some of everything from the Bo-B-Q buffet
BBQ Sandwich
Oyster Basket
Pork Skins
assorted veggies
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South Carolina is a magnificent barbecue state with diverse regional styles. Heading north by northwest from the coast, you'll eat red-sauced, mustard-sauced, and minimally-sauced pork, with hash on rice being a common denominator among nearly all of the state's great whole-hog parlors. Restaurants in the southeast tend to have normal 6-day-a-week hours, but many of…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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