Morrison’s Burger Hut

Review by: Michael Stern

What can we say? Is there a traveling foodie anywhere who could drive by this little burger hut by the side of the road and not be curious about the “Hot Meals!” it promises? It is an adorable place, with barely room inside for its staff of one, Mariam Morrison, who has run it for a few decades now (although it opened over 40 years ago). Dining facilities consist of a single picnic table outside.

Although it is a Burger Hut, we found the double-size Maxiburger strange, at best. Looking machine-made, it reminded us of one we might get in a less-than-wonderful cafeteria line; say, in grade school or prison. The garnishes were fresh and good, but this is not a sandwich we’ll be ordering again. On the other hand, our chili dog was fine. A raunchy little tube steak, to be sure, but somehow such raunchiness works for the hot dog where it doesn’t for the burger. We had ours served with the works, and it was a royal mess of mustard, ketchup, relish, and who-knows-what-else. Ms. Morrison told us that no less a personage than a former Governor of South Carolina once proclaimed this to be the best hot dog he ever ate.

To drink: soda pop, which the posted menu boasts is “chilled by the can” or tea, which the menu advises is available in one form only – sweet. And it is sweet tea, indeed!

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