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Pann’s is a decorative crazy quilt: part medieval grotto (ponderous stone walls), part spaceship-boomerang panache, and part plush tailfin automobile upholstery. In other words, it is a perfect example of what is known as Googie style, aka Do-Wop design, that thrived in mid 20th century America, especially in Southern California.

Like the place itself, the menu is a nostalgic wonderland of such coffee shop classics as roast turkey with cornbread stuffing, liver and onions, chicken & waffles, mile-high layer cakes, and tapioca pudding. Beverages include milk shakes and malts, strawberry lemonade, and root beer floats. If you order coffee, the uniformed waitress corps will top it off approximately every 90 seconds.

Fried chicken is a house specialty, and while it is not in the same league as the elegant, melt-in-mouth versions found in Kansas City, it does come enveloped in a dark gold crust as luxurious as crisp bacon. Mashed potatoes are real, available with white gravy, brown gravy, or country sausage gravy. Pann’s is proud of its buttermilk biscuits, served with butter and bubble packs of honey. Unlike fluffy southern-style biscuits, these are dense and heavy. But I don’t mean that in a bad way. Their avoirdupois is a style unto itself.

Pann’s does not serve the greatest food in Los Angeles, but it is one of the greatest places. If you appreciate extreme restaurant design, there is no more stunning example of SoCal coffee shop.

What to Eat
Pann’s, Fried Chicken Dinner
Fried Chicken Dinner
Fried chicken dinner: a SoCal coffee shop square meal classic
Pann’s, Biscuit
Pann's biscuit isn't svelte, but it is satisfying.
Pann’s, Sunrise
The Sunrise is a half-and-half mix of lemonade and orange juice.
Pann’s, Milkshake
Milkshakes like this chocolate banana beauty come in frosty silver beakers.
Pann’s, Dreamburger
Pann's dreamburger is a nice quarter pound patty dressed to the nines including Pann's own relish and special sauce and a very good, grill-toasted bun.
Pann’s, BLT
There is no bacon shortage in Pann's BLT.
Pann’s, Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and Waffles
Chicken and waffles, butter and syrup: an irresistible quartet.
Pann’s, Pineapple Slaw
Pineapple Slaw
Pineapple slaw is a sweet companion.
Pann’s, Pork Chop
Pork Chop
Perfectly cooked pork chop Sunday breakfast. The pork was crispy, moist and nicely seasoned, though I forgot to include the toast with grape jelly in the photo.
Directions and Hours
open now
Sunday7 am - 9 pm
Monday7 am - 3 pm
Tuesday7 am - 3 pm
Wednesday7 am - 9 pm
Thursday7 am - 10 pm
Friday7 am - 10 pm
Saturday7 am - 10 pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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