Cafe Brasil

Review by: Marlene Steinberg

In West Los Angeles, eating ethnic food used to mean that you were having either Mexican or Chinese food. In short time Thai and East Indian restaurants began making an appearance and were welcomed with open arms. Prior to these I’d have to travel to an area where an influx of Thai or Indian people made their home. I love when I have ethnic choices!

But something new caught my eye a couple of days ago, and how could it not, with all the wonderfully bright colors that you wouldn’t think work together… but they do. They catch your eye!

Walking inside this bright building I wasn’t surprised that the interior was decorated just as the exterior… Color everywhere! Very cool surroundings with customers watching the soccer match on two big screen TVs and screaming at the TVs while eating their meals.

There was a mix of rescued, old and restored wooden tables, painted with every color imaginable, and each chair had a colorful pillow for your comfort. It was like you were in someone’s home…. someone who loved color!

In looking at the menu chalkboard I knew I’d be back before ever ordering anything. They have sandwiches, pastas, grilled foods, and specialties. On a back page of the menu, there it was… Traditional Feijoada, the national dish of Brazil. (I’m assuming that the spelling Brasil is how it’s done in Brazil)

I must have the Feijoada (pronounced Fee-shoo-wah-dah) first! I also think it should be on the menu’s first page, but that’s not my decision. It is a stew of pork chunks and sausages cooked with black beans, served in a ceramic bowl accompanied by a plate of black beans, white rice, a salad made from collard greens, and something new to me… Farofa. Sometimes meals should come with instruction! I knew to top the rice with some of the Feijoada but what to do with the Farofa? I tasted it on its own. Hmmm… bread crumbs. I just sprinkled them over everything and that seemed right. The dish at $19.95 is ample enough for two people to enjoy. I Googled Farofa… flour made from Toasted Cassava Root. I used it correctly!

When the Feijoada was brought to my table I knew I was going to love it by its complex aroma. It smelled like Heaven! I’m a hot sauce person and they had a great area set up as a condiment bar so I added a bit of this and that, stepping up the wonderful flavor even more.

I also ordered a Brazilian Coffee, a very rich cup of coffee served with a cinnamon stick and for dessert, my favorite flavor… Passion Fruit Mousse! It is one of my favorite things, served in a Mexican martini glass. If I were home all alone without the eyes of others possibly watching or judging me… I would have licked the bowl!

I’ve been back to Cafe Brasil since beginning this report and now I’ve also enjoyed the Havana Sandwich and the Soft Shell Crab appetizer. Both will be ordered again.

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Passion Fruit Mousse

Soft Shell Crab Appetizer

Havana Sandwich


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