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Mickey Lu Bar-B-Q is a colorful eatery specializes in charcoal-cooked burgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst, all at very low prices.

Mickey Lu Bar-B-Q is one of those few places that lives up to, and exceeds, the campy appeal of it’s exterior. Located in lovely Marinette, WI, just south of the Michigan border, Mickey Lu greets you with it’s lovingly garish façade as you head down highway 41.

When you stop and enter Mickey Lu, you come across a scene that would, in an of itself, render the trip worthwhile. A few tables run around the perimeter, but do yourself a favor and grab a seat at the bar.

What to eat at Mickey Lu Bar-B-Q

The menu is not extensive. Vegetarians would find themselves short on options here. A quick rundown shows Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Hotdogs, and Bratwurst. all this meaty action takes place on a built-in charcoal grill in full view behind the bar. A quick glance at the photo shows clouds of billowing smoke, saturated with the meaty goodness of soon to be departed patties and sausages.

The key to Mickey Lu is two fold – charcoal smoke and low prices. The most expensive entree on the menu is the Cheeseburger, topping out at $1.45. A malt will set you back more than that, a whole $1.75, so if you’re on a budget you might stick to the $.25 small soda.

Our party started and stopped with the cheeseburgers. They’re not large – most folks who like this kind of food will be glad to have two, if not more. As your meat is being grilled right in front of you, the buns, small, nearly spherical rolls are moving right-to-left, single-file, across the back of the grill. They get filled about half-way around, and make the rest of their journey with meat aboard.

When the burgers reach the left side of the grill, they are picked up by one of the other workers, topped to your liking (lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard on request – and a pat of butter), and brought out to you. This is when you’ll appreciate the bun’s magical trip – not only is it soft and warm (and buttery), but it has been imbued with a wonderful smokiness during it’s time on the grill.

I have found another site on the web claiming Mickey Lu Bar-B-Q has the best burgers in the world. I lack the experience to say for sure that this is true – but I wouldn’t be suprised. Exceptional atmosphere, prices, and food make Mickey Lu a stop to remember.

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