Legnon’s Boucherie

Butcher Shop | Cajun/Creole
Worth driving from anywhere!

If you’ve been to other boudin joints, the first thing you notice about Leganon’s is that it is immaculately clean inside — not a common feature among Cajun butcher shops. The boudin even tastes clean, not too pig-funky or spicy. Because it’s tucked down in New Iberia far from the billboards of I-10, it serves mostly local clients.

A frequent winner of the Best Boudin of Acadia award, Legnon’s makes the boudin and crackin’ served at the Tabasco Factory’s 1887 Restaurant. Of course, there is a dose of Tabasco in the recipe, providing just enough heat to leave a lingering tickle, but not much more than that. 

Pork boudin is the traditional variation, but Legnon’s crawfish boudin is notable, too. It is a strange product, really more like cased dirty rice and crawfish. It tastes great spread over a saltine, just like the pork. Although both sorts of link are sold at many roadside places, butcher shops typically have a better understanding of pork than seafood. It’s rare to do both well, as Legnon’s does.

The cracklin’s here are as any in Acadia. Being a butcher shop, the only ready-to-eat foods sold are hot boudin links and bags of cracklin’. These alone make it an essential detour.

What to Eat
Legnon’s Boucherie, Boudin
Boudin is extra herby with a fine texture.
Legnon’s Boucherie, Crawfish Boudin
Crawfish Boudin
Although the pork is better, crawfish boudin is one of the more memorable seafood links we’ve had.
Legnon’s Boucherie, Pork Cracklin’
Pork Cracklin’
Tooth-challenging and delicately seasoned, superior cracklin’s
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