Green Salmon

Review by: Michael Stern

The Pacific Northwest offers countless opportunities to ingest caffeine, from drive-in espresso stands with funny names (The Human Bean) to the august coffee houses of Seattle (Caffe Umbria) and Portland (Ristretto Roasters). One of the best I’ve come across is the Green Salmon of Yachats, Oregon, where organic, fair-trade coffee and espresso are only the beginnings of the story.

How about a Cafe Oregonian with hazelnut milk, a Cafe Mexico with pepper, brown sugar, and cocoa, or a Kopi Jahe, which is a double-strength brew infused with the sparkle of ginger and sweetness of cane sugar?

To accompany the enticing coffees, Green Salmon offers a menu of very good eats. I love the croissant frosted with a thick glaze of maple. Muffins come chock-a-block with berries; scones are creamy and satisfying; a marionberry bear claw is a meal unto itself.

Crowded and sociable, the Green Salmon is festooned with signs demonstrating a bright green social conscience. Rainwater is collected from the roof to wash floors and water flowers; paper products are recycled; 9 watt light bulbs are used in the seating areas. And service definitely is not instantaneous. Hanging out here is a great way to slow down the pace of life … even if you are drinking multiple cups of coffee.

What To Eat

Deb’s Organic Oats

Maple Croissant

Kopi Jahe

Lox & Bagels

Bear Claw

Hokusai Chocolate


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