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CB’s barbecue is top notch. Note especially the Rich Boy, a sandwich that includes a plank of brisket and scoops of chopped brisket, four slices of sausage, pickles, and onions on a huge fresh roll. For dessert, sweet potato pie is a winner.

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Rich Boy

Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich

Smoked Meats

Sweet Potato Pie



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Patti Trujillo and Bob Trescott

April 23rd, 2010

Texas mesquite barbecue is a revelation to one who is overly fond of the North Carolina variety and will travel miles out of the way for Memphis dry rub. The aroma precedes the meat and begins the flavor journey that makes this barbecue different from all others. Done properly, this treat does not require sauce, and CB’S (for Christian Brothers) does it properly.

CB’s barbecue is juicy and smoky, but maintains its meaty consistency, whether brisket, ribs, or chicken. Bob says it’s the caring that makes the cooking great here; he says he could eat CB’s food till the juice runs off his elbows. Jerry Miller, owner with his wife Cynthia, started out cooking barbecue at Peaceful Harmony Church. Texas barbecue is practically in his blood: his father made barbecue and his granddaddy’s brother had a barbecue place. Cynthia said that in 1997 Jerry decided he needed a change from working for the railroad, so they built the business and the signature geodesic building “from the ground up.”

Specialties include the Rich Boy: a hefty sandwich that features a plank of brisket and scoops of chopped brisket, four big slices of sausage, pickles, and onions on a huge fresh roll; smoked chicken salad with lettuce and tomato on a slightly yeasty roll that perfectly matches the salad’s grown-up, also-for-men, not-diet-food smoky/sweet flavor; and magnificent homemade—from actual sweet potatoes, not canned—sweet potato pie (Cynthia’s mother’s recipe).

“We developed everything by taste,” Cynthia adds, “and by what enhances our meats; we went and found it all and tasted it and said, okay, this is going to work.”


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