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Burgerittoville is the “Home of the burgeritto,” which is a lovely tortilla-wrapped hamburger with cheese, bacon, diced tomato, lettuce and tangy-sweet tomato mayo, also offers chili burgerittos, chickerittos of various kinds, a shrimparitto and even a veggieritto.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little different. Maybe you can’t choose between Mexican and a good ol’ American hamburger. Well now you don’t have to.

What to eat at Burgerittoville

Get off I-84 at exit 10 in Newtown. Head down to the old railroad depot and go inside for a different kind of “road food.” Ask for the Burgeritto. It’s a hamburger with cheese, crumbled bacon, lettuce, diced tomato, and mayo wrapped in a flour tortilla. Absolutely delicious. Or try the Chickencheesesteakarito, or the wings. Everything on the menu is good. The wings are cooked perfectly, spicy without burning your mouth, although they are a little hot for the kids. The onion rings were fried to a golden crispy brown without being overly greasy.

The “ritto” sandwiches we sampled were cooked to order and tasted of fresh ingredients. Did I mention the homemade shakes? Thick enough to taste good, but not so much that you need the lungs of a tri-athelete to get it through the straw. If you don’t have the appetite to try everything on the menu then skip the fries; they were only average, salty and a little greasy.

Despite first impressions this is not “fast food.” Everything is cooked to order, so be prepared to wait a few minutes. Seating is limited, although there is an outside picnic table. If you are there during prime time you may end up enjoying your Burgerittoville Burgeritto  in the car.

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