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If you like breakfast, you need to know about The Sandy Hook Diner. It’s an inconspicuous eatery just a minute’s drive off I-84 (exit 10), where breakfast and lunch are served seven days a week. While the lunch menu is fine — a repertoire of burgers, dogs, club sandwiches, and fried seafood, with good milk shakes on the side — it is that morning meal that keeps me coming back.

Every day a chalkboard lists a slew of kitchen specials, such items as maple French toast served with Vermont syrup, country ham steak, sausage gravy with biscuits, pumpkin pancakes with spice syrup, eggs ranchero (with salsa), cranberry French toast and omelets of all kinds. My personal favorite is whole wheat banana nut pancakes, which are tender and delicious, dotted with nuts and lovely lodes of warm banana.

The regular menu includes French toast available thin or thick and with or without raisins in the bread, short stacks and full stacks of pancakes with or without fruit toppings, and fillings for omelets that range from raw or fried onions to artichokes and three kinds of cheese. With eggs, you get your choice of either home fries (chunky) or 50-cent-extra hash browns (lacy), and you can also pay a little extra to have ordinary toast replaced by cinnamon toast, raisin toast, or a muffin.

A cozy, friendly diner that has been around since 1935, Sandy Hook has a small dining room as well as a counter that is a great place to sit and kibbitz. Regular waitresses have a full thesaurus of synonyms for ‘hon’ that they use to address friends and newcomers. One memorable visit a few years back, I was honeybunch, dear, and darling all before my second cup of coffee was poured. On weekends, there is often a small cluster of people waiting on the front stoop for a table to open up.

What to Eat
Sandy Hook Family Diner, Pancakes
Whole wheat banana nut pancakes with a cup of Vermont syrup on board: a frequent morning special on the Sandy Hook blackboard
Sandy Hook Family Diner, Hash Browns
Hash Browns
Cornerstone of great diner breakfast: crisp-edge hash browns
Sandy Hook Family Diner, Sadie Hawkins Omelet
Sadie Hawkins Omelet
The Sadie Hawkins omelet, a chalkboard special, surrounds cheddar cheese and bacon. The eggs are laced with lots of spinach and mushrooms.
Sandy Hook Family Diner, Bulls Eye
Bulls Eye
A sweet-savory combination of French toast and fried eggs, the Bulls Eye comes with syrup and home fried potatoes.
Sandy Hook Family Diner, Egg Salad Sandwich
Egg Salad Sandwich
A lunchtime special the last time I visited, the egg salad double decker featured plenty of crisp bacon in its top layer and a surfeit of good, chunky egg salad down below.
Sandy Hook Family Diner, Pumpkin Pancakes
Pumpkin Pancakes
These look like ordinary pancakes, but their spicy aroma is pumpkiny. That single ramekin of honey spice syrup only began to cover the three-stack.
Directions and Hours
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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