3 Pigs BBQ

Review by: Michael Stern

Seattle is not the place to go for sublime BBQ; but if you’re here and hankering for traditional smoke-cooked meats, head to 3 Pigs in Bellevue and you will find what you need. Beef ribs and pork ribs, pulled pork, turkey, hot links, and chicken all are infused with smoke flavor; all are supremely tender (some too much so); all are available with good house-made sauce, hot or mild. The meats come on platters, in sandwiches on buns or toasted French rolls, and by the pound for taking home.

Ribs are tender and innocuously dry-rubbed, but if you are looking for excitement, check out the hot links. They are firecracker spicy. Beefy wolf’s-breath chili, available as a side dish as well as a meal, is another powerhouse dish, swirling with cumin and hot pepper flavor.

3 Pigs is a happy storefront with a sports-bar feel that includes team jerseys and trophies on display as well as televisions everywhere for watching whatever event beckons.


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