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Stonington is a seaside town that looks like it hasn’t changed in decades, maybe centuries. Driving along Water Street, it’s easy to imagine one is in a horse-drawn cart and fast food does not yet exist. That’s a good note on which to consider Noah’s, a town cafe where locals go for breakfast and travelers come for outstanding, chef-driven seafood meals. Even more casual seaside fare is served at Sea Swirl, a former Carvel Stand that food folks know for some of the best whole-belly fried clams anywhere. Just 7 miles away is the mesmerizing town of Mystic, home of Mystic Seaport and of a restaurant called Kitchen Little, where omelets and egg dishes are off-the-chart excellent. Note especially the “California Benedict,” a variation of traditional Benedict that includes asparagus and copious hunks of sweet crab meat. Kitchen Little also is a good place to savor Southern New England style clear-broth clam chowder and hot lobster rolls.

Stonington’s Most Famous Dishes

Close view of eggs scrambled with pimento cheese

Breakfast Eggs

Picked lobster meat is piled high in a long bun that has been butter-grilled on its sides ... Maine lobster roll

Lobster Roll

Traditional eggs Benedict, topped with hollandaise, perched upon Canadian bacon and English muffin halves. Hash browns in the background

Eggs Benedict

Cheese-infused scrambled eggs atop fried potatoes and sausage

Scrambled Eggs

Stonington’s Best Restaurants

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