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Situated sweetly along the shore, overlooking Mystic Harbor, Sea View Snack Bar is a sure bet to enjoy outdoor dining on picnic tables; or avoid the noonday sun in the covered area a bit further from shore. Easy access with a quick exit off I-95 in Mystic, CT, this roadside shack has a million dollar view.

There’s a large menu posted on the side of the building, and clearly-marked windows to place your order and pick it up. The bright blue-and-white exterior is charming and perky. The grounds are clean and well-kept.

The food is presented in paper baskets and placed on plastic trays. The wait for food is short, at least during off-peak hours. The location would suggest it gets very crowded as the weather warms. Indeed, on this visit it was too cold for them to operate their soft-serve machine, which was a disappointment.

What to eat at Sea View Snack Bar

The lobster roll is of the cold variety, with lettuce and mayo. Large, plump chunks of lobster are scantily scattered over the grilled bun. The lobster meat is moist and tender, yet lacks that sweet flavor one hopes to enjoy. The mayo was heavily applied and the overall taste was bland. Onion rings are perfectly cooked, crisp and golden. The batter is slightly sweet, the onions soft. The fries are too soft, not quite crisp. The whole-belly fried clams are big, and the breading fails to keep them from being too soft and juicy; again, too bland and far too juicy.

From the above description one might think you wouldn’t want to eat Sea View Snack Bar, but overall the service and location is terrific and I’d visit it again to explore the menu in more detail, especially the well-touted 100%-crabmeat crab cakes.

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