Yankee Grape-Nuts


Originally marketed in 1897 to compete with granula, which was the predecessor to granola, Grape-Nuts is an unlikely fun dessert. But in the world of Yankee cookery, the little brown pebbles of breakfast cereal (which are made of wheat and barley and contain neither grapes nor nuts) are a popular ingredient in pudding (at JK’sNoah’s and Evelyn’s Drive-In), custard (at the Village Restaurant), and ice cream (at Shady Glen, Gray’s Ice Cream and Kettle Cove Creamery & Cafe). Dour as Grape-Nuts might be, the cereal’s presence in dessert makes some sense. Because it is very hard and dense, it never completely disintegrates when it is stirred into pudding or ice cream. It becomes streaks of amber grain, offering textural contrast to its smooth medium as well as an earthy flavor to balance the frivolity of sweetened cream.



In Danbury, Connecticut, JK's Texas hot wieners are split lengthwise, grilled crisp, and topped with mustard, onions and hot sauce with a chili-pepper kick.


Shady Glen

Shady Glen cheeseburgers are awesome works of art, but don't ignore the excellent ice cream concoctions from this vintage Connecticut dairy bar.



On the picturesque main street of Stonington, Connecticut, Noah's is a town cafe serving great seafood (and other) midday meals as well as breakfast and supper.


Evelyn’s Drive-In

Evelyn’s is a Rhode Island drive-in with a full Yankee shoreline menu of fried clams, clam cakes, and chowder, plus the local oddity, a chow mein sandwich.


Gray’s Ice Cream

Grand and dignified ice cream at Gray's includes such New England flavors as Grape-Nuts and frozen pudding. Ginger ice cream is made from real ginger root.


Village Restaurant

The Village Restaurant has long been an Essex, Massachusetts, treasure, serving exemplary fried clams & other seafood, plus Indian pudding for dessert.


Kettle Cove Creamery & Cafe

Kettle Cove Creamery is a charming little Cape Elizabeth purveyor of strong coffee, colorful ice cream & good sandwiches including a fantastic lobster roll.