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Sweet Tea Dishes - Roadfood

Sweet Tea

Sweet iced tea is Dixie eau de vie, on the menu of every southern restaurant, plain or fancy. It quenches thirst on a hot day, replenishes verve and vitality, and tamps down tongue fires created by hot chicken and barbecue. It is best drunk from a tall, wide-mouth glass with clear fresh ice cubes or heaps of crushed ice. Lots and lots of ice, always lots of ice. On many cafe tables, there is a big pitcher for refills, as needed. If you wish, you can be fancy and squeeze a little lemon in it or add a sprig of mint, but really, any addition is gilding the lily. Sweet tea should be perfect just the way it is served – no garnish necessary.

Restaurants With This Dish





Cafe Strudel


Summerton Diner - Baked Chicken Supreme
Summerton Diner


Country’s Barbecue


Carlile’s Barbeque



What do you think of Sweet Tea?

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