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Parker’s is a Panavision-wide restaurant with multiple dining rooms where customers crowd the lined-up tables for great platters of chopped pork accompanied by hushpuppies, boiled potatoes, corn sticks, and cole slaw. Cooked and chopped each day, the pork is moist and tender but laced with crunchy shreds from the outside of the shoulder from which it has been cut. There is scarcely any sauce on it, just a veil of vinegar and peppers to accentuate the wood-smoke savor. If you need to doll it up, tables are set with plain vinegar and a hot sauce that has a vinegar base.

Meals are sold by the plate or family-style to groups who want seconds and thirds — pay $10 per person for all you can eat barbecue, 2 pieces of fried chicken per customer, and all the sides and fixins.

The restaurant is popular among locals as well as travelers along nearby I-95, and it always seems hugely busy. It’s quite a trip maneuvering to and from a table as waiters zoom past toting platters piled high with food.

What to Eat
Parker’s, Large BBQ Dinner
Large BBQ Dinner
Excellent chopped pork ... sided by hearty Brunswick stew and boiled potatoes. The latter are a favored BBQ side dish hereabouts.
Parker’s, Chicken Livers
Chicken Livers
Fried chicken livers are a food that most people either love or hate. If you are in the former category, you will like these: big, crusty, and radiant with organ-meat savor.
Parker’s, Corn Sticks
Corn Sticks
On the side of our barbecue plate came these tubular hushpuppies and corn sticks. Good for crunching while dining on BBQ and Brunswick stew.
Parker’s, Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw
Cole Slaw is a vital ingredient of BBQ meals in eastern North Carolina. Parker's is bright and refreshing, the way it ought to be.
Parker’s, Family Style Meal
Family Style Meal
All-you-can-eat meals include amazing fried chicken, chopped bbq, boiled potatoes, cole slaw, Brunswick stew, corn sticks, and hush puppies.
Parker’s, Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea
If you order Parker's first-rate sweet tea, you will get an entire pitcher.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday9am - 8:30pm
Monday9am - 8:30pm
Tuesday9am - 8:30pm
Wednesday9am - 8:30pm
Thursday9am - 8:30pm
Friday9am - 8:30pm
Saturday9am - 8:30pm
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No matter how delicious it may be, cole slaw always plays second fiddle. When visiting barbecue parlors in North Carolina, the curious eater will encounter a handful of slaws that test that rule. Not that they overshadow the pork they accompany, but they can be truly memorable. We wouldn't expect anyone to tour the Tarheel…

Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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