Old Forge Pizza


Signature Pizza

The Lackawanna County of Old Forge has a signature dish that is perhaps the strangest style of American pizza. Bearing scant resemblance to the familiar Neapolitan formula, Old Forge pizzas are rectangular in shape and slices are called cuts. Their crust is fairly thick and vaguely reminiscent of Sicilian pizza. They come single or double-crusted, red or white. More American in character than Mediterranean, they sport sunny sweet tomato sauce, mild cheese, and uniquely puffed-up crust that develops because the pies are baked in pans greased with peanut oil.

Where to Order

  • If you want to order the well-known “White Pizza” at Salerno’s make sure to come after 5:00 pm. This pizza consists of two crusts with a blend of several cheeses between the layers of dough.
  • For those looking to try the famous Old Forge style “White Pizza” at lunch time you will have a hard time. Popular locations only serve this style of pizza for dinner. However, operating out of a convenience store, Genotti’s sells their delicious “White Pizza,” as well as others, throughout the day.
  • Pizza Perfect sells their excellent pizzas by the cut, just like the previous locations on this list. Our favorite variation of theirs was the “White Pizza” with ham, onions and double cheese. With crispy crust, these Old Forge style pizzas are fantastic.


Salerno’s Old Forge-style white pizza is a Pennsylvania-only specialty, made with light, airy crust and Italian-American toppings. Try the double-cruster.



Genotti’s pizzas have the distinct Old Forge, Pennsylvania, crust -- as thick as Texas toast, light and airy with a subtle crunch. Breakfast pizza, too.


Pizza Perfect

Pizza is sold by the cut, not slice, and while it looks bargain-basement, don't be deceived by appearances. Tasting is believing; it is wonderful.