The 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in the CSRA


The Best Mexican Food, In Georgia?

Everyone knows that the Central Savannah River Area around Augusta, Georgia, is rich with BBQ, peach pie, fried chicken, Coastal seafood, and meat & 3 plate lunch. It also happens to be a nexus of superb Mexican food. Forget Taco Bell, Moe’s, and Chipotle and visit these unique gems for fresh, authentic, and original meals that resemble fast food only with their low prices.  Some of the best Mexican food in Augusta can be found at:

  • The food may take a little while to be served at 3 Caminos, but this is only because nothing is preassembled. If you want tortillas, they will be freshly made for you, the same goes for every other menu item. Coming in on the weekends will give you the option of ordering a bowl of menudo, we have limited experience with this dish, but it is some of the best we have had.
  • The owners of Una Mas Taqueria boast that they don’t have a freezer or fryer anywhere in the restaurant, the freshness of the food can attest to this. When we ordered a sandwich, the bread it was served on was still warm from the oven. We have yet to find an item off the menu that we would not recommend.
  • One of our favorite dishes at La Jalisciense was called the huarache, which got named after a kind of Spanish sandal. Served flat, the dish represents that of an unfolded tortilla. With a choice of meats, including steak, chicken, shrimp, pork and even tongue, this is definitely a dish worth ordering.
  • The word authentic gets thrown around so often, when describing Mexican restaurants, that it has somewhat lost its meaning. However, Taqueria El Patron is as close to authentic as you can get. Weather it comes from the location, a strip-mall, the hospitality, or the fantastic food that is made from scratch, we can’t decide, but Taqueria El Patron is worth a visit.
  • Taqueria El Ray has a range of dishes, from Mexican to New Mexican to what the menu calls, “Gringo Specials,” or Mexican accented dishes. The most interesting dish on the menu was the Cuban Sub. This monster of a sandwich consists of breaded steak, two split wieners, a pair of fried eggs, ham, cheese, garnish and condiments sandwiched between an entire toasted loaf of bread.

3 Caminos

A restaurant in the back room of an old South Carolina gas station, 3 Caminos serves wonderful from-scratch Mexican fare along with brilliant house-made salsas.


Una Mas Taqueria

Fresh ingredients, bright flavors, and low prices make Aiken, South Carolina's quick & casual Una Mas Taqueria a Mexican restaurant to treasure.


La Jalisciense

Mexican meals from familiar fajitas & chile rellenos to such classics as menudo & pozole are made with skill and style at North Augusta's La Jalisciense.


Taqueria El Patron

From-scratch Mexican cooking makes Taqueria El Patron an Augusta destination restaurant for exemplary tacos, burritos & flautas as well as grand chicken mole.


Taqueria El Rey

A splendid taste of Mexican food in a ho-hum shopping center, Taqueria El Rey does it all from scratch, and does it brilliantly. It's also a butcher shop.