Chicago’s Chicken Vesuvio


Chicken Vesuvio is a majestic stealth specialty of Chicago, unknown elsewhere. Urban legend says that this dish of sautéed and baked chicken and wedges of potato sopped with white wine and lots of garlic was named because it looks like a volcano when plated. (Or it might have been named for a pre-War downtown restaurant named Vesuvio’s.) Steak houses Harry Caray’s and Gene & Georgetti make grand examples of the dish; and there’s a scaled-down sandwich version at Ricobene’s. At Freddie’s Pizzeria, you can get it on a plate with French fries or in a sandwich on fresh-baked bread.


Harry Caray’s

A high-quality Italian steak house, Harry Caray's also serves such unique Chicago specialties as Chicken Vesuvio and Shrimp de Jonghe.


Gene & Georgetti

Chicago has no better place to slice into prime aged steak than an old wood-frame house known as Gene & Georgetti just north of the Loop.



Ricobene's is a casual restaurant serving many Chicago specialties: breaded steak sandwich, red hots, Italian beef & and a sandwich version of chicken Vesuvio.

Must Eats

Freddy’s Pizzeria

A small corner grocery with an immense menu of sandwiches, hot dishes & superb gelato, Freddy's is a treasured destination for Italian food in Chicagoland.