Weenie Beenie

Review by: Michael Stern

Weenie Beenie is the sole survivor of a small Washington-area chain of drive-ins specializing in half-smokes. No one knows for sure how the half-smoke got its name (perhaps because it’s only half smoky or because many places, like Weenie Beenie, bisect them horizontally before they are grilled), but it is unique to the area around the District of Columbia. Here you can have one at lunch dressed with chili (known as a chili smoke), mustard, onions, and relish. At breakfast your half smoke will be matched with a fried egg and a slice of bright orange cheese.

Regular hot dogs also are available, as are barbecue pork and bowls of nothing but beef chili. Picnic tables are arrayed along the side of the take-out-only restaurant for those who choose not to eat in their cars.

What To Eat

Half Smoke


Eastern Carolina BBQ XL Sandwich

Onion Rings

Half Smoke Sandwich


Weenie Beenie Recipes


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