Baked and Wired

Review by: Emily Madsen

Just a short walk up from the waterfront in Georgetown, Baked and Wired serves delicious cups of coffee and amazing baked goods. With a front counter blanketed by 15+ kinds of cupcakes, brownies, bars and GF/Vegan goodies, plus a wall of cookies, it has something to everybody’s taste. The coffee is from such well-known roasters as Stumptown and Intelligentsia and milk comes from a local dairy farm (Trickling Springs).

Offering the classic espresso drinks most cafes do, Baked and Wired may not go above and beyond in creativity, but it does in taste. Espresso is rich and delightful, no acidic or burnt taste. Milk is fresher and creamier than most cafes, wonderful in coffee. The staff is so nice that even when you want to mix things up by adding different flavors, they are happy to accommodate.

Baked goods are the star. Cupcakes especially.  Lining the front counter, the sheer variety is mind blowing. Think of a flavor you like and they probably have it mixed into one of these fluffy, mouthwatering pastries. We tried a vegan cookies and creme cupcake, just to be different. It was as soft and delicious as any regular cupcake! Baked and Wired does a good job balancing flavors in a way that does not overpower your taste buds with sweetness. These are sophisticated cupcakes you could order for any party or event. Guests will swoon!

Among the cookies, bars, and brownies, we sampled a GF blondie, which is rich and chewy and good enough that lack of gluten simply is not an issue. It is topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips with a drizzle of caramel and more crushed peanuts: a party in your mouth. Most of these items are far bigger than what’s served in other cafes, so expect plenty leftover for a later snack.

Baked and Wired is funky and fun, sporting a wall of napkins with customers’ comments. Its changing flavors, delectable coffee, and welcoming atmosphere makes  it a must stop in the D.C. area!

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