The Raven Café

Review by: Jess Dawson

Visiting the Raven Café during October is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. The cozy spot is long and narrow with two stories and a platform for local musicians to sing from in the evenings (when you walk in, notice the ladder that leads up to the portal to the stage). The bar is beautiful, and the decor is very bookstore-meets-witch-hangout. 

We go up a short flight of stairs for breakfast, and are greeted by the loveliest waitress who answers pretty much every request with an enthusiastic “Heck yes you can!” The shelves are lined with books, board games, and, since it’s fall, tons of Halloween decorations.

We start with a round of warm, fluffy, cake-like blueberry muffins that aren’t too sweet. The pastry options change often (and include gluten-free varieties), so be sure to ask what they’ve got downstairs. To guarantee each cup of coffee is hot and fresh, our waitress brings a carafe that could easily hydrate (dehydrate?) an entire sales team. The beans are locally roasted a few doors down at Exquisite Corpse Coffee House.

From there, we get the bacon and egg burrito. It’s wrapped in a soft grilled tortilla and served with a rich ranch that’s creamy and a touch runny. It all comes together nicely with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers stuffed inside. I love pesto, but it only came with the veggie burrito, so I add some to our order (“heck yes!”). It’s just the salty something the burrito needs.

We also order the B.E.L.T., which is so simple I’m surprised to have not seen it on a menu before. Crisp bacon, perfectly cooked egg, fresh lettuce, and tomato are layered atop buttery, toasted sourdough.

We also get the simple bagel sandwich, which is as classic as they come with your choice of bread (English muffin, plain or everything bagel), cheese (American, Swiss, cheddar, provolone, pepper jack), and meat (ham, sausage, bacon). Every plate arrives with a big slice of cantaloupe, and if you get the fruit plate, you’ll get an even tastier selection. 

The value for what you get at the Raven is worth a visit alone, but the cozy atmosphere and laid back staff are really what make it a neighborhood gem. The place is so inviting you’ll be tempted to sink into the cushy leather couches and stay a while — and I’m pretty sure no one would hesitate if you drank through that entire vat of coffee while you’re here.

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Bacon and Cheese Burrito

Blueberry Muffin

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich


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