Silver Sands

Review by: Michael Stern

Silver Sands is a soul food cafeteria known for breakfast and for meat-and-three lunch. Meals are portioned out from a short cafeteria line that gives customers a view of what’s to eat as well as the opportunity to discuss options with one of the team of servers behind the counter: What’s good with smothered pork steak? (Answer: stewed apples and fried potatoes with onions.) In the course of filling my tray, the helpful gals referred to me as honey, darlin’, sweetheart, and baby.

The low-slung cinderblock building is a humble place, tucked into a corner in an otherwise residential neighborhood just west of the Farmers Market in North Nashville. There are about a dozen tables — much business here is carry-out — and despite circulating overhead fans, air in the cream-colored dining room is thick with the homey aromas of cooking.

We have been told that breakfast is the best meal of the day, but we arrived fairly late, just before the switchover to lunch (a bit after 10am), and the vegetables that were getting put out looked wonderful, especially that fine meat-and-three pseudo-vegetable, macaroni and cheese.

What To Eat

Fried Bologna

Smothered Chicken Wing

Country Ham

Stewed Apples


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Anita Pearson

April 11th, 2011

The term “hole in the wall” could be accurately used to describe this joint. The inside is dismal and dreary. The few tables that are in the dining room are old, worn, and wobbly. Most of the patrons get in and get out of there as fast as possible!

While the décor is less than desirable, there are a few elements of brightness. The well-seasoned mashed potatoes, while not fluffy and thick, are good, full of potato flavor. The chicken is tough and greasy. So much for saving calories and ordering baked. The green beans are obviously canned, and tasted dreary. The bread options are limited to fried cornbread or week-old biscuits.

While you can see the food that is on display before ordering, it doesn’t look appetizing. Even an early lunch arrival didn’t make the food look fresh. The view of the kitchen is overwhelming. There should be a protective covering so that the innocent don’t have to view the pots and pans stacked half hazardously on top the dirty stove.


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