The Nashville Biscuit House

Review by: Jess Dawson

Family-owned and operated, the Nashville Biscuit House is a great choice for a rich, hearty breakfast on the east side of the city. There are no windows, which feels strange when you enter — but worry disappears with warm service and the smell of biscuits.

The menu is a jumbled collection of wanton short-order items, from country-fried steak and cheese grits to hamburger casserole and blackberry cobbler. There’s also a small salad section, but we steered clear of that and stuck to breakfast.

The Ultimate Platter is the way to go. It is a beast: three biscuits layered with country gravy, bacon, ham, cheese, sausage gravy, and four eggs. The menu advises: “Don’t tell your cardiologist about this.” You can, however, spare your diet slightly and get a half-order, which whittles the dish to one biscuit and two eggs. It’s still gigantic, and extremely delicious. The soft biscuit soaks up everything on top of it, but is sturdy enough to keep its form. Home fries are simple and salty, a good backup when your biscuit is gone but you still have some gravy to take care of.

The Nashvillian breakfast is served with a choice of meat. We got country-fried steak along with biscuits and grits. The steak is pounded thin and lightly breaded, fried, then doused in a creamy white gravy; grits are drizzled with melted butter but need a little salt.

Then there’s the “Goodness in a Bowl” section: Tater tots, sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, and two eggs. You’ll have to eat this one quickly, as the tots tend to get soggy under all that gravy, cheese, and egg goodness—but they’re crisp when they arrive.

“Hot Off the Griddle” arrives with eggs, bacon, and French toast. The toast is very classic looking: small triangles stacked neatly next to each other. While its edges are slightly hard, the center is just soft enough to soak up butter and syrup.

Service is welcoming with no frills. The space is covered in kitschy signs about coffee, breakfast, and the South. I’d strongly advise heading to a park or couch after you leave: You’re definitely going to want a nap after this.

What To Eat

The Ultimate Platter

The Nashvillian

Tater Tot Bowl

Hot Off the Griddle French Toast

Hot Off the Griddle Eggs and Bacon

Biscuits and Gravy


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