Posey’s Steam Room & Oyster Bar

Review by: Michael Stern

Just north of Ochlockonee Bay in Panacea, Florida, Posey’s Steam Room & Oyster Bar is a happy dive with picnic-style seating in folding chairs at tables outfitted with rolls of paper towels. Bring your own fish and they’ll cook it for you, or choose expertly steamed and seasoned (Cajun or Old Bay) shrimp or blue crabs. Oysters are available every which way: on the half-shell, steamed, fried, baked with bacon and cheese, or – best of all, according to Roadfood correspondent Buffetbuster — baked with garlic and Parmesan.

Cornmeal-crusted fried mullet is rich and meaty, a strictly local delicacy; and flounder is a house specialty – moist, pure white, falling into glistening flakes when prodded with a fork. We were impressed by the kitchen’s fine version of that elegant Mobile Bay specialty, West Indies salad: creamy white crab meat marinated with onions and served with crackers. Alas, it is not always available.

Thursday is all-you-can-eat shrimp night; Prime rib, baby back ribs, steaks, and fried chicken are available for seafood frowners.

What To Eat

Garlic Parmesan Oysters

Soft-Shell Crabs

Raw Oysters

Oyster Stew


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