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Review by: Michael Stern

In the beginning, Pine Valley Market was just a market and a butcher shop. Its prepared food made it famous as a caterer, and now, under the leadership of owner Christi Ferretti, it has become a wonderful place to eat.

It’s still a custom butcher, and still a boutique market with shelves of interesting groceries for sale, but the moment you step inside, the aromas of bacon and burgers sizzling, chili brewing, and biscuits baking tell you to sit down and have a meal, right now!

The menu is eclectic and, and given the fact that everything I’ve eaten is really yummy — masterfully (and often creatively) prepared, I’m pretty sure there won’t be any clinkers coming from this kitchen.

A day’s special burger is a big, juicy round of Angus beef cooked medium rare as ordered and topped with house-made pimento cheese and a big dollop of sweet, smoky bacon jam. It’s a fantastic combination, but for all its swirling flavors, what stands out is the fresh mineral power of the meat itself. Only from a real butcher shop!

To accompany the swell burger are first-class French fries or, even better, freshly-made potato chips that are crisp, see-through thin, and salted just enough to bring out essence-of-spud taste. They’re unimprovable … except perhaps by a a dip in garlic aioli available on the side.

Good ground beef also stars in one day’s special chili, which is billed as Texas style, but is in fact more about comfort than pepper punch. For those allergic to red meat, or interested in a lighter kind of comfort food, a good alternative on this day is chicken chili, which is more soup-like, albeit more edgy in its seasoning than grandmotherly chicken soup.

Regular menu items include “old school fried bologna” on soft sourdough, a grilled Reuben, club sandwiches and wraps, soups, and salads. “Avoid the disappointing drive-thru and visit us for lunch,” the Market advises.

The Pine Valley Market website lists daily specials and, for those who can’t come to it, suggests using Uber Eats to have the food delivered.

What To Eat

Bacon Jam Burger

French Fries

Veggie Wrap

Turkey Chili

Potato Chips



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