Lobster Landing

Review by: Michael Stern

Technically speaking, Lobster Landing isn’t even a shack. The ramshackle, 100-year-old, wood-frame shanty by the water is where you buy lobsters, oysters, and steamer clams to take home and cook. For dining here, you sit nearby at a plastic table in a sort of picnic area on a broken-clamshell deck that offers a makeshift tent for inclement weather. (However, as of Spring, 2020 and the virus scare, all business is take-out.) As for the choice of meals, there are exactly three, plus potato chips by the individual bag, soda you fetch yourself from a cooler, and pre-packaged gelato cups. As much as I like hot dogs and sausage-pepper-onion subs, I wouldn’t dream of ordering one here. The menu’s lead item, a hot lobster roll, is irresistible.

It comes in a big submarine bun, the center of which is cut away before toasting, thus making room for maximum amounts of lobster meat. Weightwise, I don’t know how much claw, knuckle, and tail meat is piled into each sandwich, but there is no room for any more. This is a big lobster roll – although so good that ordering two is not out of the question (except, perhaps, financially). The meat, freshly picked and cooked, is bathed in butter but not swimming in it. Perfection, haloed by vivid waterside ambiance.

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