Johnny Ad’s

Review by: Michael Stern

Johnny Ad’s is a shoreline restaurant, make no mistake about that. Featured menu items include fragile-crusted whole belly clams (or clam strips, if that’s what you prefer), shrimp, scallops, calamari, and soft-shell crab, all available either on a plate with fries and cole slaw or in a roll, which is a toasted buttered bun.

Among the superior seafood rolls available is a hot lobster roll: hunks of warm pink meat bathed in butter and nestled in one of those long, tender buns. It is also possible to get a cool lobster salad roll, the pieces of lobster bound with mayonnaise. The latter is more typical of downeast New England; the hot roll is more a Connecticut thing.

K.A. Bowen, who originally tipped us off to Johnny Ad’s, highly recommended we also try a hot dog. It’s a beauty, alright, a plump, foot-long that tastes especially right when blanketed with chili and cheese.

Unlike many shoreline quick-eats joints, Johnny Ad’s is open year-around.

What To Eat

Lobster Roll

Foot Long Hot Dog

Onion Rings

French fries


Johnny Ad’s Recipes


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One Response to “Johnny Ad’s”

Tim Hare

January 6th, 2023

The best lobster roll (hot) that I ever had and the belly clams
were outstanding. Heading up that way in March and will be stopping there.


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