Hungry Bear Cafe

Review by: Jess Dawson

When you need a hearty breakfast in Forks, head to Hungry Bear Cafe and order logger flapjacks. The price might seem high, but when you see how big they are, you’ll understand why. They’re named after the constant stream of loggers who come through Forks. (You see the trucks zoom by as you eat.) A stack of two is the equivalent of about eight regular-sized pancakes. They’re hearty and fluffy, with thin, buttery-crisp edges. A huge dollop of butter makes them even better. Add syrup and you’re good to go for a food coma.

Bacon is thick, juicy, and generously portioned. Try ripping it into bite size pieces and spreading it on top of the flapjacks. Eggs and hash browns are standard-issue, served with perfectly buttered sourdough toast.

It’s a quiet place with a friendly, welcoming staff. Wall decoration includes photos of the town and dollar bills. The story is that a logger friend left a dollar bill for one of the Hungry Bear line chefs, labeling it with a not-so-PG nickname. The tradition stuck, and now diners add their own dollar bills after a satisfying meal or a few rounds. It’s fun to read them while you wait for a table on a busy night.

In the morning, locals come in to sit at the counter, drink coffee, and catch up on gossip; you can hear the chefs exchanging a constant stream of jabs behind the counter. Hungry Bear also serves lunch and dinner, including pies and cookies that people rave about. Sadly, we had no appetite remaining to try them after a plate of flapjacks.

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Logger flapjacks


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