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Sue places a breakfast order for a Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese sandwich. She does not like runny yolks.

SUE: How do you do your eggs?
COUNTERMAN: Well… when I get here in the morning I turn on the grill and let it heat up. Then I get the eggs out…
(Laughter from the working men dining at the counter, almost to a man with work pants riding down low enough to expose butt cleavage)
SUE: I get enough smart-ass answers from my husband.
(More chuckles)
BRUCE (to counterman): I think she’s falling in love with you.
(Further laughter from the pew)
COUNTERMAN: It happens that quick, does it?

Ah, yes, a weekday morning in a classic NJ hash house. Do you prefer to remain anonymous and inconspicuous when dining out? Then the White Rose is not for you. Can you dish it out as good as you get it? Then belly up to the counter!

That Taylor Ham (or pork roll, as we refer to it), egg, and cheese, the unofficial state sandwich of New Jersey, is a specialty of the White Rose, and you’ll find none better. Well, actually, you will find two better, and they’re both found here. The “complete” includes chunks of home fried potatoes (an inspired combo), and the hero loads up a long roll with heroic portions of the standard ingredients. Lunchtime favorites include the popular rugged-textured burger on a hard roll, in two sizes, Italian hot dogs, and an intriguing SUPER HOT Sausage Sub (caps theirs).

Seats at the counter of this working-man’s diner are choice, but all other seating is only a step or two further from the action at the grill, where you can watch the mesmerizing motions of the grill person flipping eggs and slitting Taylor ham before slapping it down on the hot surface.

The White Rose was once part of a small, three-store chain; they’re now independently owned. About the name: New Jersey seems to have a particular fondness for food-of-the-people joints with the word white in the name. You’ll find White Manna and White Mana (yes, two different spellings), a few White Diamonds, and White House Subs, of course, in addition to the White Roses. Our guess is that white connoted cleanliness in an age when it was perhaps not as easy to come by in restaurants of this type. And system… why White Rose System? As with the New York Systems of Rhode Island, the reasons are lost in the mists of time…

What to Eat
White Rose System, Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese Hero
Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese Hero
A traditional New Jersey Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese is served on a hard roll. That setup is available at the White Rose, of course, but we recommend going one step further and getting your sandwich on a hero roll.
White Rose System, Complete
The Complete completes the traditional configuration with chunks of home fries. Superb!
White Rose System, Burger
One of the specials the day we stopped in was a Jersey Burger, which adds Taylor Ham to the hamburger.
Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich
SUPER HOT Sausage Sandwich
Directions and Hours
Monday5 am - 4 pm
Tuesday5 am - 4 pm
Wednesday5 am - 4 pm
Thursday5 am - 4 pm
Friday5 am - 4 pm
Saturday5 am - 4 pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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