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Worth a return

The sleepy town of Forks, Washington, is replete with Twilight references. Stephanie Meyer based the books here, and practically every restaurant has some kind of menu special or reference to the teenage sensation. Three Rivers Resort Restaurant, a great place for a burger and a shake, is no exception.

The cafe feels family-run by a team of kids on summer vacation working to make a buck between weekends. Everyone orders huge shakes, which are thick and creamy. I especially appreciate the almost-whole pieces of Oreo I found in mine.

The food is messy in a good way. And you get a lot for very little. The Werewolf burger features two medium-sized patties layered with Canadian and regular bacon and just the right amount of melty American and Swiss cheeses. Layers of 1000 Islands dressing and mayo top things off. The chicken bacon ranch sandwich reminds me of something you’d get at a diner, including super soft bread that’s griddle-crisped with butter. Thin slices of chewy bacon keep the sandwich nice and salty.

Lightly oiled Tater Tots could have been crisper. Deep golden brown onion rings are thickly cut and hearty. Ask for ranch and you’ll get a tartar sauce-like substitute. Also available: fish ‘n’ chips, pizza, hot dogs, even some gluten-free options.

The restaurant is attached to a small market, which serves the RV park that’s also connected to Three Rivers. The kids will take your order at the counter. If it’s busy and there’s a  line, they’ll hop out and chat you up, writing your order down early to speed things up when you get to the register. The place is usually busy, with about half the crowd staying to eat here, the other half taking their burgers and shakes to go.

Outside, Twilight signs abound, including a “Treaty line” marker and vampire threat indicator (very dangerous when we dined). It’s a quick, easy spot to stop if you’re on your way to La Push and need a low-priced pick-me-up.

What to Eat
Three Rivers Resort Restaurant, Oreo shake
Oreo shake
Oreo shake: straw AND spoon both provided
Three Rivers Resort Restaurant, Werewolf burger
Werewolf burger
Werewolf Burger has Canadian and regular bacon, Swiss and American cheese.
Three Rivers Resort Restaurant, Chicken bacon ranch sandwich
Chicken bacon ranch sandwich
Chickon Bacon Ranch Sandwich. Nice bun!
Three Rivers Resort Restaurant, Onion rings
Onion rings
Thick onion rings come with tartare-like dipping sauce.
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