Dude’s Drive-In

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One of the best

Pull up, study the menu written on the wall of the small restaurant (no seating inside), and toot your horn. A car hop will be at the driver’s side window ready to take your order.

The menu is a long one, including sandwiches of fish, barbecue, and chicken, dinners of fried shrimp and oysters, half-pound hamburger steaks, and fried chicken fingers. There is a long and intriguing list of hot dogs that range from plain ones with cheese and/or slaw to chili-slaw foot-longs, corn dogs, and hot-dogless hot dogs that consist of nothing but chili topping in a bun.

King of the menu is the Dude Burger. A nice-sized patty formed by hand from quality meat that is fatty enough to be luscious, it is a royal configuration of meat, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on a soft bun. American Cheese is optional. One Dude and an order of French fries, with a milk shake on the side, makes an outstanding drive-in meal. Meat-hungry eaters can get a double Dude, and those of meager appetite can get an ordinary hamburger (without all the garnishes on top) made from the same high-quality beef.

What to Eat
Dude’s Drive-In, Big Dude
Big Dude
Headliner: Dude Burger, works
Dude’s Drive-In, Dixie Dog
Dixie Dog
Exemplary Dixie Dog
Dude’s Drive-In, French Fries
French Fries
Large crinkle cuts
Dude’s Drive-In, Onion Rings
Onion Rings
Meaty onion rings are sweet and crunchy.
Directions and Hours
open now
Monday7am - 7pm
Tuesday7am - 7pm
Wednesday7am - 7pm
Thursday7am - 7pm
Friday7am - 7pm
Saturday7am - 7pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Lunch, Dinner
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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