Review by: Emily Madsen

Coffee and breakfast spot by day and bar by night, Bearcat is a unique and exciting stop in Brooklyn, New York. Despite stereotypes of hipster cafes and bars attracting only stuffy patrons, Bearcat staff are eager to help with any questions or suggestions regarding food and drink offerings that can be unique and exotic.

Turmeric latte is a concept new to me. Similar to a matcha latte, turmeric powder and milk are steamed to silky smoothness. I suggest you splurge and try either macadamia or oat milk alternatives, which make for a drink that is both richer and lighter. This is a great option for those who want a caffeine hit without the strong taste that comes with most espresso or coffee.

Bearcat’s food demands attention, too. With an eclectic menu offering teff waffles (teff is a grass native to Ethiopia) and multiple toasts such as mushroom onion, Bearcat can make any palate happy. The teff waffle, a gluten-free option (yay!), is absolutely scrumptious: crunchy yet soft with a nutty flavor, it gives little hint that its base is grass flour. Topped with a tart strawberry compote and creme fraiche, it is a beautifully balanced plate — worth ordering whether or not you are gluten-free.

If savory breakfasts are more your thing, Bearcat has multiple different toast options that include classic avocado toast, smoked salmon with capers toast, and mushroom with caramelized onions toast. With a whole wheat slice as the base, its outside crunchy and middle soft, each one has a hearty underlying taste. Bearcat uses Sorrel in many dishes, including the mushroom toast. It is similar to arugula, giving the dish a nice spicy/earthy taste.

Whether for breakfast, just coffee, or drinks at night, Bearcat is a great stop for anyone looking for something hip and different. Although it is not easy on the wallet, it is certainly worth a trip to Brooklyn.

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Turmeric Latte

Teff Waffle

Mushroom & Onion Toast


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March 2nd, 2022

i don’t think this place is still open? and a weird addition to a list of classic institutions.


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