Casa de Benavidez

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Although the inside of the new location of Casa de Benavidez is large and sleek enough to be mistaken for a trendy chain restaurant, rest assured that this local eatery remains the family-owned “home of the sopaipilla burger.” It was not long ago (and, in fact, not more than a mile away) that patrons were forced to fight over a handful of small tables in front of the carryout register. However, booming business and available, conveniently located property meant a move for the Benavidez family into a space able to accommodate a hundred hungry patrons.

The specialty of the house, as advertised on the outdoor marquee, is the sopaipilla burger. Nestled between two pieces of Native American style fry bread, the ground beef patty is adorned with refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and your choice of green or red chile. Although the burger itself is no rival for its competitors at the Owl Bar of San Antonio or Santa Fe Bite, its pairing with the airy sopaipillas makes for a taste not found elsewhere. Fans of hot dogs costumed in all styles, we couldn’t resist trying the New Mexico-style chile cheese dog. The foot-long dog itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but the dish is certainly enhanced by a blanket of zesty red chile sauce and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar cheese. The abundance of chile sauce necessitated use of a fork and knife, and provided a perfect dipping sauce for the accompanying fries.

Casa de Benavidez offers a full range of New Mexican specialties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their large outdoor patio, landscaped with a cascading waterfall and small pond, makes for an especially enjoyable eating experience when the weather is nice.

What To Eat

Sopapilla Burger

Chile Cheese Dog

Carne Adovada Breakfast Burrito

Guacamole & Chips


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