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Alethea was the name of Dean Tassy’s great-grandmother, who was a chocolatier in Greece. Today, the store named for her is one of the top candy stores in America’s top candy city. The repertoire is vast, including bon-bons and barks, truffles and turtles, and the great Buffalo treat, sponge candy.

“I am an extremist,” Tassy told us. “When it comes to chocolate, we have some of the darkest dark in the country, as well as the lightest light. Good chocolate must have real cocoa butter, NOT palm kernel oil like most of your chocolate wafers.” One bite provides assurance that Alethea’s is the real thing. The dark in particular is more intense than espresso – ultimate chocolateness. Wrap that (or creamy milk chocolate) around some of Alethea’s homemade marshmallow and add toasted bits of coconut and cashews and you have Charlie Chaplin, a locally-liked confection found in no other city. Tassy told us the generally accepted story that the candy was named after the silent film comedian, who supposedly loved it, but nobody knows how it became a signature of Buffalo alone.

Like several of the other top candy shops in town, Alethea’s also is an ice cream parlor — one of the best anywhere. Here is grand ice cream topped with truffled hot fudge, dark-amber caramel sauce, freshly-made marshmallow topping, or crunchy-crisp, well-salted nuts. Have a classic “Mexicano” (chocolate sauce and Spanish peanuts) or a Delphi Maiden of chocolate chip and coffee ice cream topped with marshmallow, chocolate sauce, and toasted almonds. Or just a regular sundae topped with devilishly chocolaty hot fudge. It’s all better than good.

What to Eat
Alethea’s, Sponge Candy
Sponge Candy
To me, naked sponge is nothing more than a curiosity. It is basso profundo dark chocolate combined with ethereal sponge that makes my appetite growl.
Alethea’s, Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Buffalo's candy makers offer Charlie Chaplin in chunks, logs, rolls, and loaves. The common ingredients are marshmallow, cashews, coconut and, of course, chocolate. Even many dark-chocolate devotees find that the milk chocolate version has a more harmonious character.
Alethea’s, Chocolate Covered Ginger
Chocolate Covered Ginger
If you love chocolate-covered ginger, Alethea's is a holy grail. Made with strong, clear, spicy ginger imported from Australia, it is a huge, chocolate-robed exclamation point.
Alethea’s, Hot Fudge Sundae
Hot Fudge Sundae
A simple classic that cannot be improved: Alethea's hot fudge sundae. It is well worth the 30 cents extra you pay to have the vanilla ice cream and deep, dark hot fudge crowned with thick whipped cream.
Alethea’s, Marshmallow Sauce
Marshmallow Sauce
Personally, I don't love marshmallows and never had a big interest in marshmallow topping on sundaes. Alethea's version, freshly made from egg whites, sugar and corn syrup, made me a believer.
Alethea’s, Mint Drizzle Sundae
Mint Drizzle Sundae
Alethia's mint drizzle sundae includes vanilla and mint chip ice cream, plus an overload of hot fudge and marshmallow sauce.
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