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Spokane is the big city in easternmost Washington, on the border of the Idaho panhandle. Beyond the city limits are endless farms and orchards (not to mention amber waves of grain), so city chefs can avail themselves of local produce by the bushel and truckload. The choice of restaurants is boundless, from cozy coffee houses to Casino dining halls and from fast-food noodle parlors to prime steak houses. Frank’s Diner, home of the King of the Road omelet (six eggs loaded with ham, cheeses, and veggies), serves a fine version of San Francisco’s New Joe Special: three eggs scrambled with ground beef, spinach, and onions festooned with Parmesan cheese. Little Garden Cafe has all the pastries you’d expect in a Northwest coffee house, as well as a “build your own bagel omelet sandwich” option, its potential ingredients including a wide variety of bagels and all the usual breakfast sandwich components plus artichokes, olives, garlic aioli, basil pesto, and sprouts.

Spokane’s Most Famous Dishes

Six thick half-slices of bread, dipped in egg batter and fried, are arrayed on a plate under fruit jam, with a pitcher of syrup on the side.

French Toast

Close view of eggs scrambled with pimento cheese

Breakfast Eggs

Two hot biscuits on a plate, opened up and dolloped with blackberry preserves and peach preserves

Biscuit & Jam

Huge ham & cheese omelet on a plate sided by a a pork chop, which looks small in comparison


Spokane’s Best Restaurants

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