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Bring plenty of appetite to Batesburg-Leesville. Eating in this town is on a big scale. One of the best-known barbecue parlors of the Deep South, Shealy’s is a vast, multi-room eatery that has gained reputation for exemplary chopped pork as well as fried chicken since it opened in 1969. Have the pork unsauced, mustard-sauced, or vinegar-sauced; and if you are a fried-chicken aficionado, ask for pulley bones and wings. They’re not part of the regular roster, but usually are available for those in the know. Up the road a piece, Wiz’s Eatery also is a big place with a broad menu of pizza, burgers, sandwiches, house-smoked meats, steaks, and seafood — all of it delivered in eye-popping portions.

Batesburg-Leesville’s Most Famous Dishes

Fried chicken drumstick and thigh rest upon greens and corn

Fried Chicken

Two rib bones are laden with a great mass of spice-crusted, smoke-cooked beef

BBQ Ribs

Smoky pork in shreds that vary from soft to crunchy is drizzled with South Carolina mustard sauce.

BBQ Pork

A bowl of buttery, jade-green lima beans


Batesburg-Leesville’s Best Restaurants

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