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Clifton and its environs offer a bounty of Roadfood good eats, including ripper hot dogs and hamburger sliders. The former refers to a technique of deep-frying the dog to the point it literally bursts open into lengthwise fissures with a crunchy edge. With spicy sweet relish, rippers sing. Sliders are at their finest at White Manna, a diner over in Hackensack, where they’re served on a tender little potato roll with grilled onions and cheese if desired. Also in Hackensack is the very best version of a dish very common throughout the tri-state area, known to everybody else by its Entenmann’s brand name, Ultimate Crumb Cake. The truly ultimate version is the one baked by B&W Bakery, where it is referred to as heavy crumb cake, its streusel-like top actually taller than the cake below.

Clifton’s Most Famous Dishes

hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Buffet tray of plump pink hot link sausages

Hot Links

Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


In a red drive-in basket, onion rings are crisp and golden-brown

Onion Rings

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