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Scott, Louisiana, which calls itself the Boudin Capital of the World, hosts a boudin festival every year in the spring, and it is a great place to savor this unique Cajun sausage year-around. And we do mean unique, because virtually every version is different from every other: spicier, ricier, crumbly or oozy, onion-sweet or pepper hot) and there are no big brands to dominate the market. Billy’s Boudin and Cracklins just off I-10 makes a sausage that is pretty darn hot and succulently porky. At Don’s Specialty Meats, a stone’s throw from Billy’s, there are boudin links, balls, and burritos. Don’s boudin is meaty and speckled with green onion, glowing with the zest of pepper. Beyond boudin, Don’s is a good place to eat meat pie, crawfish pie, and pork steaks.

Scott’s Most Famous Dishes

Sliced-open, crisp-fried boudin ball shows moist, spicy insides


Broad dish holds crawfish with corn, potatoes, mushrooms, and sausage.


Golden-crusted, irregularly-shaped bite-size pieces of cracklin are eaten off the paper bag in which they were purchased.


Plate holds breakfast pork chops with eggs and a bowl of grits.

Pork Chops

Scott’s Best Restaurants

Self-enclosed, portable crawfish pie
Don’s Specialty Meats


Billy’s Boudin and Cracklins


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