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Smack in the center of the state and nicknamed “The Heart of Georgia,” Macon is known in pop culture as a hub of musical creativity. Its stars have included Little Richard and Otis Redding, as well as the Allman Brothers, who used to hang out at what was then known as H&H Restaurant. In 2014, H&H was refurbished, reopened, and renamed H&H Soul Food. It offers such traditional dishes as fried chicken and ox tails as well as modern twists like biscuit pot pie, smoked chicken poutine, and the Red Dog, which is a biscuit freighted with fried chicken, collard greens, an egg, and both red-eye and sawmill gravy. Long before the original H&H, Nu Way opened in 1916 and has since become famous for an all-the-way dog, now known in much of the country as a Dixie dog. That’s a wiener (here spelled weiner) covered with chili, mustard, onions, and cole slaw. If you are craving square meals comfort food, check out the Bear’s Den Cafeteria; and if a hankering for BBQ strikes, Fincher’s (since 1935) has four locations around town. Fincher’s twangy sauce is known throughout the South

Macon’s Most Famous Dishes

Fried Chicken

hot dog with hot mustard and relish

Classic Hot Dogs

Two slices of BBQ brisket, one lean, the other supersucculently fatty

BBQ Brisket

Two mugs of coffee, each with a tiny glass pitcher of chilled milk to add


Macon’s Best Restaurants



H&H Soul Food


Full plate of BBQ with stew, greens, and buns
Fincher’s Barbecue


Spud Dog - Georgia Bulldog & Fat Hawaiian
Spud Dog


Bear’s Den


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